My First Delivery

Listened to class on the different types of Pelvis, Professor Dr. Evaristo Mejia Aroca disertaba on the subject, in the Hospital Belen of Trujillo and suddenly the obstetrician, an old lady enters the enclosure and tells Dr. Nieman Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. sorry .but has entered a patient into labor already very well tells the teacher at this time a student will examine it! And contacting us question who wants to take care of? I doctor! student palaces go very well with the midwife and I went with it who told me there is the patient on the fourth number three note these gloves and the cornet of Pinard! as you not gonna join me? – I provoked tell – but didn’t say anything just thanks! And I went to the aforementioned room good morning Madam! – greeted – the patient revolcaba dolor no case me towards I saw it well and I discovered that it was a young woman of about 20 years, puddle, with a tendency to be chubby, you sweating copiously, screaming, she howled I don’t know but it gave a few screams that they scared Lady lying on the stretcher Por Favor!-told him kindly – not case made me, still screaming help me!, Doctor doctor! – screaming – hear I’m the doctor and lie down to examine it I told him – you’re not practicing!-he said – and he continued yelling want a doctor!, that Dr. come! And as I was still insisting that you lie began to tell MOM! That my mom come!, I opted to call the teacher, Dr. Please visit Nieman Foundation if you seek more information. Mejia came and with firm voice told him bedtime daughter, get the trusa and already not re-list it you! take care of doctor – I said-, placed my index fingers and examine it environment in the vagina and directing me to the teacher told him has 8 dilatation!, Professor not verified such data now! – he told me – you Attends it palaces called the midwife and ordered him to doctor palaces will take care of the patient, is with 8 Prepare the delivery room!