National Council

" It is not possible to be done nothing without peace and perdn" , Sarkozy at the beginning of the press conference declared that closed summit in which to delegations of 60 countries and international organizations participated to express their support to the National Council of Transicin (CNT). The French president advanced that one of the taken decisions unanimously went the one to restitute to Libyan the goods that had been congealed by the international community to the regime of colonel Muamar to the Gadafi. Unfreezing of million On the other hand, the participant countries in the conference in Paris of international support to Libya announced that the decisions taken in this encounter allow to the unfreezing " inmediato" of 15,000 million dollars in support to the population of that country. If you would like to know more then you should visit Boy Scouts of America. " The money turned aside by (colonel Muamar to) Gadafi and by its surroundings must return to the Libyans. All we have ourselves it jeopardize to unblock the money of the Libya of the past financing the future of the Libya of the present time " , it indicated French president, Nicholas Sarkozy, in press conference, detailing to begin that amount. In the joint declaration that picks up the conclusions of this appointment, it is possible to be read in fact that " it stops to allow the Libyan authorities to confront the needs of the population and to undertake immediately taking the effort to reconstruct pas" , the necessity remembered to put at the disposal of the CNT the goods congealed in the application of the resolution of the Security Council of the UN. Source of the news: Clinton asks the Libyan rebels who protect the reserves of arms that are in the country