Remote-controlled Cars For Children In The Test

Which RC car is recommended? Most boys like to play with remote-controlled cars. This is a passion, which they often share with their fathers. That’s why a radio control car is on the wish list for Christmas in many children certainly. But not every model really offers the driving fun it promises. Professor of Internet Governance may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Some get broken very fast, so the disappointment is later.

Battery life, durability, control and performance should be so on the test bench. What wouldn’t be a remote controlled car? Some models can turn on the head but not backwards. Test the preferred model on his skills if possible in the toy store or department store. The control should be as realistic, at least for older children. Forward, backward and to both sides the car should take of course. Models with proportional control, which can be not jerky, but fluent and completely realistic move are much more realistic. Also watch for a long battery life. Bad models the battery for 20 minutes is enough.

The maximum range is essential, it should be as large as possible. Because only if the car as far as possible from the control can remove, the driving, is fun really. Bad models provide only a range of about 10 m. Last but not least, of course, the optics plays an important role. Here you should give the wishes of your offspring quiet. But, the car should be robust so that does not break on the first trip on the road. The most remote-controlled toy tolerated by the way no dampness cars, they are so just for nice weather. Your child when unpacking is not disappointed, you should first open the package and recharging the batteries in any case. For a good radio control car, you need to spend but not much money. Stiftung Warentest has investigated some 2005 models and found that 40 have a recommended car to have is. The most commonly purchased and the top-rated models can be found here: it says Stiftung Warentest: 2005 was the dirt Crusher by LEGO good models for children of the test winner. Also the Ramiya Baja King, the Jamara MTB and the Quadra racer Karstadt have convinced the tester. Karstadt’s car took only 39. Although most of these models are no longer available, you can still refer to these test results. By same manufacturers, there are still very good remote-controlled toy cars. Some cases only details and of course the design have changed. Eva Otter