Scientology Church

This campaign is a huge step accordingly, to let a generation growing up who will be spared from the effects of drug abuse every 12 seconds an another class for the first time tried illegal drugs. This is a serious reminder of how widespread drug abuse among young people is indeed. Scientology provides effective information materials to inform Church for this. To educate in this area, the Scientology Church sponsors the largest non-governmental drug information and prevention campaign of the world. It turns out that drug use among young people in the mass decreases as the drug facts are communicated to them. Thus, the Scientology Church has factual information about what drugs are and what they do.

A series of polls has shown that this campaign for a drug-free world has held so far some 500,000 young people by taking recreational drugs or saved from worse. It is however still much more to do. Therefore, the Scientology Church offers its publications (the Ideas of Scientology included, nor they represent) equal minded anti-drug associations, State agencies, citizen initiatives and schools. These materials include thirteen information booklets series facts about drugs, which attack the most commonly consumed drug in a direct and simple way to educate young people about the actual effects of these drugs. There is also a study guide, a guide to activities, as well as a kit for educators. With these materials, teachers, policemen and community groups have effective tools in hand to to educate young people about drugs and to enable them to take decisions in this regard correct.

It was also mentioned that there is a new, 90-minute documentary, which is accompanied by facts about drugs with the booklets of the series and adds. Each video chapter offers an in-depth look at each individual drug narrated by those who have survived the dependency. All in all is the Campaign for a drug-free world a giant leap in the direction of a generation to grow up, which is not affected by the devastating effects of drug abuse.