Water: Pure And Contaminated

In the current society the subject water has been constantly manchetes of periodicals, scientific periodic magazines and as one of the great problems that the present generation reaches, but that it will be able to bring greaters consequncias to the future generations. The approach of this problematizao also if of the one in the wastefulness and contamination of available drinking waters in the planet Land. As this is a global problem, Brazil is directly on to this question, therefore, is known that 12% of waters in consumption conditions are in its ground, therefore its hdrico potential is one of most advantageous and longed for of Not obstante the Globe, it does not meet excluded of the remain of countries that face such problem. Of another form, the Brazilian cities do not coexist and reveal similar problems how much to the lack of rationalization of the use of this precious liquid Analogous are what it occurs in the city of Aragominas? YOU. As it is paper of the school to form citizens who are capable to express and to exert its citizenship was given credit to be necessary through the social aspect of the school, to carry through a work directed to the inclusion of the educandos of the State college Getlio Vargas of this city in a quarrel – through the subject: separation of Mixtures? that it jointly approached the problems faced for the city how much to the preservation and the consumption of the water in the city, including streams, lakes and springs surround that it as well as, to observe, to analyze and to consider a democratic debate between civil society, municipal government and volunteers with the intention of if having a diagnosis and a referencial point capable to direct the educandos of 3 series of Average Ensino of the Getlio college Vargas in what it says respect to its formation professional, ethics and moral, becoming the capable ones of exerting its citizenship.


To complete this Slack idea (1999) she affirms that the area of Administration of the Production has as objective the production of goods and services to satisfy the consumer, through use of efficient resources for the production. Russomano (1995), defines then that the production is as a process that of organized form, it uses of insumos and it transforms these into a good or service to be executed. For Slack (1999), some functions exist as marketing, human resources, purchases, among others in an organization. Boy Scouts of America is likely to increase your knowledge. Amongst these, the survival of all depends on the function production, therefore all the others are on it. With this the function production is central in a company and produces good services for the reason of the existence of an industry. The Administration of the Production and Operation is the applicable field of study of the concepts and techniques to the taking of decision in the function of Production (industrial companies) or Operations (companies of services) (MOREIRA, 2002, P. 03). Amongst some functions of the management of production one of them she is to direct the system by means of the decision taking.

Some decisions affect the project, others the operation of the system. The word production is on to the activities of the industry that are spread in the plant or the industrial production. In the industries that they manufacture physical and tangible products are common the supply and the standardization of insumos and products. Many industries are adopting the practical one of the just-in-teams, thus to diminish or to finish with its supplies. The project of a system involves decisions on capacity of the system, geographic localization of installations, organization of the departments and installation of the equipment inside of physical structures, planning of the product and the service and acquisition of the equipment.

Assessorship Pedagogical Technique

How much to the resume, this does not have to be based on a common culture; therefore this does not exist, as well as does not have to be instrument of social coercion. As it says Luria: ‘ ‘ The comparison of the intellectual activity in different cultures could produce important information concerning the origin and of the organization of the intellectual functioning of the Homem’ ‘. (Luria, Aprid Silvio Rock, 1994). You discipline also them curricular, have traditional character, becomes evident how much the MEC limits the resume: Social Portuguese, Mathematics, Sciences and Studies. If not thinking about any alternative and innovation. For this and other reasons one searches in the communication for verification of the reality. Thus offering subsidies for the understanding of the society, form to intervine in the historical construction through the common good, exerting its citizenship.

In what Slvio says Rock (1994): Thus the resume is expression of the socialized function of an institution in the set of the activities by means of which a group assures that its members acquire the accumulated experience culturally organized partner-historical and. (Slvio Rock, 1994). ours to see many schools they come in accordance with fighting for a quality education, adjusting the line of pedagogical work the reality, searching participativo education and an integration with the collective one. It is standed out that the educators must be constantly searching new methodologies that come to take care of the real necessities of the educandos. How much to the pupil, it acquires knowledge from the direct experiences, videos, retroprojetor, films, interviews.

When working collectively we assume new positions, abandoning the empty speeches front to the reality while space concrete looking for to detect and to decide common problems. The interdisciplinaridade is supported in the dialogicidade as reference for the construction of the knowledge, this leaving of the common sense for the scientific knowledge. Therefore, the educational politics is condizente with the social context, therefore the society if bases on the man, citizen of the personal and social development. ‘ ‘ For this reason, it is opted to a society that respects and defends the individual and social rights of the person and favors exercise of the citizenship, and stimulates the democratic and participativas relations assuring the freedom of association and organizao’ ‘.

Coated Electrode

WELDING FOR COATED ELECTRODE 0,35 MM 2 – MATERIAL USED the experimental procedure Mechanics was carried through in the Laboratory of Manufacture and for the accomplishment of the following equipment had been the same used: Material: Steel part 1020 and metalo Figure 1: Part/metalo Equipment: Weld machine 220v, 85A and 430C? Mark: Soldac 430C? Manufacturer: White Martins and Morsa of group of benches: 4 IN Appear 2: Weld machine Figure 3: Morsa Consumable: Electrode AWS and 6013? steel 0,35mm and brush Figure 4: Electrode Appears 5: Steel brush Tools: Pico Appears 6: Pico 2,1 – DESCRIPTION OF the PROCEDURE 1 step: Clothes of the Equipment of Individual Protection (Glove and apron in scrap and mask of weld with filter lenses). 2 step: To bind the weld machine (command key). 3 step: Adjustment of the amperage for 80A (1 step). 4 step: To execute test in two weld laces in a preparation material, being certifyd that the machine is adjusted correctly. 5 step: To fix the part (steel 1020) in morsa lined up with the metalo that will be made to the union, to stop with weld nugget the four sides of the part, with this the same one keeps the alignment.

6 step: To effect the root of weld constructing one filete I finish with the machine in the regulation of 80. 7 step: To invert the position of the part and to carry through the root. 8 step: To remove the slag with ‘ ‘ Pico’ ‘ of the two sides. 9 step: To pass brush to remove the intent slag of the two sides. 10 step: Adjustment of the amperage for 120A for finishing. 11 step: To effect 2 step (finishing). 12 step: To invert the position of the part and to carry through 2 step (finishing).