Transit Travel

Unless you have lots of money to pay thousand pesos for every time that an agent of roads and transit stops it because today not circulating or by any pretense that these robbers of visitors use, can step or visiting that city. If it is not, it is best to refrain from touring the city of Mexico. Yes, you read well, thousand pesos is what they charge for bite the angels of transit or road policemen, because if you don’t pay them, they ask for crane and take or disappear your vehicle. When will you arrive the day that was to travel freely by the length and breadth of our country, without being bothered by these attackers with official plate? Did I fulfill my duty, this is what they say the soldiers, supported by corrupt politicians, that also carry his mochada, of insurance, but perhaps cannot admonish and simply guiding the traveler first and let it go, so it take appropriate precautions if you want return coming sometimes? We are working for your safety. Yes how do not. That’s what they call him working these loafers and rateros? With ten bites a day of thousand pesos, the scoundrels are 10,000 ten thousand pesos in their pockets, for 30 days are 300,000 three hundred thousand per month, earn equal or more than the members, of which more than rats. This is why short, because there are those who work more and acquire more than 10 bites a day. Additional information at Dr. Neal Barnard supports this article. Is this work for the security of Mexico? That his grandmother, creates them if they have.

Do this is currently happening in the city of Mexico and there is no who put a far, why they will be? Simply because our authorities were clogged with the same blanket. What can the people do in this situation? It’s always: nothing. We are agachones, do not raise the voice, complaints we do not, we got not up against the corrupt government. Campechanamente we continue them the game, then we don’t who did it, but who pays us to it. He is the bread of every day.

We are on the reconstruction of the country in the 21st century, what deluded, this has become a chaos National that the Almighty will uproot. Yes, the Mexican political system been entangled as it is virtually impossible to find the tip to Hank. Go task having young people 20 to 30 years of age that now will have to deal with this situation, reform it if they can, to renew efforts, looking for peace and tranquility in all aspects of everyday life in our Mexican homeland. I hope that someday us elejemos of the material world and move us into the spiritual world, where human values prevailing in our existence.