Management Project

Cost of starting a loyalty program vary from project to project, ranging from 7000 to 150 000 euros, depending on the type of program – or a local coalition – the number of service points and other parameters. This amount includes the cost of the project development (consultancy or salary of their own employees) and software, but does not include the cost of equipment, maps (or other identifiers of participants) and marketing and promotional activities to launch the project. Loyalty programs are discounted, discounted cumulative, bonus and bonus catalog. "By failure I attribute all that tied to the rebates, – said Konstantin Harsky ("Value Management for Business"). – After some time, both sides – both clients and company – are disappointed in these programs. It's only a matter of time. For example, a known case when a chain of stores cosmetics launched a "loyalty program" in the form of complex discounts.

If the buyer has made large purchases, and often, the discount was larger. To calculate the discount given to the seller required to collect a check, enter data into a table Excel, which calculated the actual discount to a discount in the check, to knock out a check. In words, it seemed that the operation would take place quickly, but in fact turned out long lines and frustrated customers. As a result, the company came to the same percentage discounts, and on that calmed down, and then a chain of stores and shut down completely. " Low efficiency of discount programs due to lack of a clear attachment to the organization of the client: the client is sensitive to the discount, not loyal, and once competing organizations provide a great discount, it will go away.

President Najibullah

Unlike in some Western countries trying to redefine the role of the Taliban in Afghanistan's history, Russia is no revaluation of the movement did not do, and hopefully not going to do. For anyone familiar with the Afghan malomalski history of the Taliban movement – this is a paramilitary organization formed outside Afghanistan by Pakistani intelligence on U.S. and Saudi money, invaded in 1994. to Afghanistan with the problems are far from the true needs and interests of the Afghan people. That terror and atrocities that the Taliban carried out in Afghanistan can not be justified by anything. In fact, introduced the most brutal dictatorship of a handful who believed in his divine mission fanatics who stop at nothing ritualistic killings and revealing, as it in the case of former President Najibullah of Afghanistan and the whole composition of the Iranian consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif, nor to destroy the values of world culture, including the world famous Buddhist monuments in Bamiyan.

The fact that some time later, the Taliban leadership out of control of their foreign masters, and attempted to pursue an independent policy, did not affect their reactionary nature. Moreover, entering into an alliance with international terrorist group al-Qaida, the Taliban have tried to spread their fanatical ideas all available to them the Muslim world. Taliban leader Omar was declared M. Amir al-mumeninom – the ruler of all Faithful. Thereupon began a massive getting to Islamic militants from Afghanistan to Chechnya and the neighboring regions of Central Asia, while constantly subjected to provocative attacks by published by CIS border Taliban. In 1999., Invading the territory of Afghanistan militants from the organization of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) clashed with government troops in southern Kyrgyzstan and in Surkhandarya Uzbekistan.

It took great effort, including Russia, to throw back the intruders. The aggressive policy of the Taliban is steadily led it to military confrontation with Iran, and the only international anti-terrorist operation, defeated the military-political structure of the Taliban, took sharp Afghan-Iranian confrontation. We could continue the list of Taliban crimes, but I think that both of the above enough to ensure that Russia does not interested in the restoration of the Taliban in Afghanistan in any form and in any format. It is not to be confused with the indigenous Afghan Taliban people – the Pashtuns, as is sometimes done by unscrupulous analysts. For Pashtuns, Russia has always treated with respect, regarding them as a bridge multinational independent Afghanistan. Therefore worthy of Pashtun representation in any Afghan government is legitimate and reasonable and does not require any Russian secret negotiations with the Pashtun leaders.

Olympic Sochi Ecologists

Environmentalists have first and foremost the victory of Sochi. At the summit of the Group of Eight to discuss global environmental problems. Oleg Mitvol checks prosecutors? Natural disasters in the world began to take place four times more often. The Vatican has developed a '10 commandments' for the protection of the environment. Global warming will turn females into males ancient reptiles. Review of the week from 30.06.2008 to 07.06.2008.

Environmentalists have first and foremost the victory of Sochi Environmentalists celebrate their first victory in the Olympic Sochi. After a long informational war for the abolition of the construction of Olympic facilities in a pear Range National Park near Sochi environmentalists got their way. On Thursday, July 3 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the need for transfer facilities of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in another place. Putin noted that the building should be moved bobsleigh track, the Olympic mountain the village and water intake. No Place for environmental statement was made at a meeting in Sochi on compliance with environmental requirements in preparation for the 2014 Olympics. However, for some time, Putin has traditionally supported affair, discussing the transfer of objects, but not making any fateful first statements. Recall, previously reported that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, Greenpeace Russia and other community organizations repeatedly stated that the building in preparation for the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 should not lead to the destruction of valuable natural complexes of the Western Caucasus. At the same time to be built a number of Olympic venues to the most valuable parts of the Sochi National Park, including the buffer zone of the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve (part of the natural World Heritage Sites "Western Caucasus").

Computers Site

Criminals often do not walk on their own sites, and use special programs that are necessary sites and add them to the information. A common method of protection is the use of automatic input captures, then there are pictures with some text that you want to enter to confirm. The name of this element comes from the reduction of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart), which translates as a fully automated public Turing test, designed to differentiate between computers and people. By adding a CAPTCHA to the site, remember to strike a balance between usability and degree of protection. Too complicated CAPTCHA protect from robots, but scare off some visitors.

Conversely, if the captcha is too simple, many robots can easily bypass this obstacle. Another effective method to combat unwanted messages is a constant moderation, that is, scanning of all messages and edit or delete unwanted. Care must be taken so that all users being added to the site information can be be easily fixed or removed. It is desirable that the fact of any additions reported by e-mail to the responsible person. If someone, for example, left obscene message, it is better if such a message will be removed as soon as possible. You can also use pre-moderation, that is to check all the published material before being posted on the site. Some sections, such as questions and answers have nothing to lose from the introduction of pre-moderation. Along with moderation, you can use automated tools that detect unwanted words.

In this case, many unwanted messages will be rejected automatically. In order to insure against Spam should not be placed on the site email address. Address, housed on the popular site will necessarily be used for spam. It is more convenient to use the feedback form in which the visitor can enter the desired message. In the future relationship with him may also be conducted via email. If you also do not want robots to determine the address and phone number of your organization, this data can be placed in a drawing, but not text. By providing security measures can not overdo it, because you can lose all visitors. If any action the visitor linked to the additional difficulties, it is likely to leave the site and will not return to He never. For example, we start on site only registered users reporting the passport data and evidence that they are true, but hardly on a site registered at least a few visitors, if they do not will be offered something truly unique. Experience shows that most frightens registration of potential clients. Captcha too many people do not like it, but there are accustomed to, since almost all spam received. And on moderation, if it is made not too intrusively, in general is often overlooked. Balanced protection methods clearly would benefit from any site.

Commercial Internet

BY-STEP PROGRAM Step 1 – Buy Internet access options, allowing you to view streaming video.Tsena issue: 500-700 rubles a month. Benefit: to sit only dialup autsaydery.2 the first step – Register online payment system WebMoney. Put on your wallet rather sredstv.Tsena question: up to several days to obtain a personal passport, money – 2.500 rubley.Vygoda: live dirty footmarks track for the arrival of money in their own iTV-proekte.3 second step – Pay a professional virtual hosting.Tsena question: up to 2-3 days, money – 300-500 rubley.Vygoda: keep the Strategic Level Upravleniya.4-Step – gets the script Commerce Internet plozhadki with affiliate programs and integrated services. Install, configure. The price of issue: 1.235 rubles and time – a couple vecherov.Vygoda: Marketplace accepts payments in various forms (WM, RuPay, Z-payment, etc.) sells – pin-codes to access the password-protected video and audio.5 th step – gets a script creating a ‘closed areas’ access to pin-code. Install, inspect rabotosposobnost.Tsena issue: 20-40 minutes, the money – 260 rubley.Vygoda: Cuts halyavschikov.6 the first step – be filled by Internet Resources pre-prepared content – text, graphics, Internet televizory.Tsena question: on your own – just your time. With an investment in the author’s video training courses – 910 rubles, with viewing on the pin-code, video courses on CD – 2.260 rubles + 2 konsultatsii.Vygoda: Self – save money. With an investment – saving time for more important and enjoyable zanyatiy..

Car Video Recorder

Today is not a quiet time, people are increasingly thinking about their own safety and that of their relatives, as well as how to protect their property or business. Therefore, in recent years gained popularity various means Personal safety and protection. One such means is a car video recorder. This compact device with storage media (hard drive or SD card) with built in it as a mini camera. There is also a Car Video Recorder with the ability to connect additional cameras. Ie You can install car video recorder on the torpedo car, and further connected to his camera in the back of car or to send on the side of the road review the situation. In addition to this, many models of automobile recorders have built-in LCD screen that can be immediately made prosmatret record. Almost all automobile recorders have built-in microphone that allows you to enjoy a full video / audio recording of what is happening.

Car DVR with a built-in camera have an internal battery that can be used not only as a car when powered from the cigarette lighter, but also as a means of surveillance for the part of the hidden, such as business negotiations, for your apartment in your absence, etc. Exist Model Car DVR with IR illumination, which provides a good quality recording on the car video recorder. Almost all recorders have a function to show the date and time video. Car DVR – the differences in the characteristics of the main technical features for users when using the car DVR is recording quality and the angle camera view. Accordingly, the more megapixels in the camera and the more its angle of view – the better and more extensive the image. Car DVR – the scope Car DVR can be an indispensable ally in the event of an accident, auto, and the bases are not lawful actions of the DPS. You will always be able to resolve contentious issues in attempts to distort the truth by other members of the movement or accident.

Videotape will be conclusive evidence in court and other courts. Although in practice, after the traffic police and the culprits of accidents will learn about the availability of records, then try to amicably resolve all and do not bring the matter to court. Therefore, from all of the above issue to buy the car and the DVR will pay off if he – no.

Constitution Family

What is it? This is a legal system of your family. Yes! We must start with ensure that all together (the child's participation, children are a prerequisite) to develop a legal instrument. For example "The Constitution of our family." Do not be too much to philosophize. Enough to come up with half a dozen rules, but very significant and meaningful, which would reflect the rights and responsibilities of all family members. It is at this stage, the child gets acquainted with concepts such as laws, rules, rights and responsibilities and begins to understand the meaning of the Constitution, as the basic law. Once the basic law was developed, it must be printed, either on the big beautiful poster, which will hang in a prominent place (you can show any boldest imagination) or in booklet form, and better to do both.

Finally, be sure to hold the procedure for adopting family law in the form of a solemn feast, and then all together to implement or enforce its laws. Please note that this event is a long game, the main thing here is not to abandon the idea, and at the same time does not turn all into a routine. Once law enforcement becomes stable and normal for all family members can the next step. Step Two. Awareness of benefits and the need for legal knowledge. In the first stage of development of our future brilliant lawyer, we have worked with his mind. In the second step we turn to the senses, to the inner world of the child and fill it with positive images associated with the law.

5 First Steps In English

When a person begins to learn any foreign language from scratch, no matter what method of teaching, he is chosen, it immediately falls upon the avalanche of data on different rules, features and specific features of the language. Eventually This information, of course, in mind, we begin to gain vocabulary, memorize some rules and examples. However, a complete understanding of the basics of the language of conscious and can not be achieved, if we study his grammar is not from the end. And if a person is tied to the phrases he has learned, while being unable to improvise and express their own thoughts. Since the chemistry can vyzubrit properties of substances, but not be able to calculate the concentration of the solution of common salt, not knowing basic arithmetic. I present to you a "math" – the rules of assimilation which is taking the first steps in English. 1. In English sentences fixed word order.

The subject always precedes the predicate. So do not try to directly translate phrases like "Once upon a time the old man and an old woman in a blue sea." 2. Do not forget also that in English, except meaning of verbs, there are auxiliary (primary: be, do, have – and Modal: can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, would). In some cases, they are present in affirmative sentences and absolutely always – in negative and interrogative, and for raising the question shall be put to the top of the proposal. 3. In English, half the cases, than in Russian. Nominative case answers the question "who?" what? ", possessive – the question" whose? "and objective case – at all the other questions (who? what? Who? What? Who? What? Who? "About what?" And the very notion of "case" applies only to pronouns, which have case forms (he / his / him, she / her / her, I / my / me, etc). possessive can be used with nouns, but only with animation, and is written with 's.

4. Personal pronouns are similar to ours and also divided into three faces. And the fact of what the person in question (1,2,3, singular and plural), depends on the shape auxiliary verb. 5. Pronouns he, she only used to replace nouns denoting people. Instead, all the rest put it. Cat, dog, elephant, elephant – all it, should not be confused with our division names nouns animate and inanimate. Well, here they are, the basics. The first bricks in the tower of knowledge of English. Unfortunately, many people are dohodyatne immediately and not at the same time


It's no secret that getting a good position with the time it gets harder and harder. If before there is enough of a higher education, but now people are increasingly seeking just two or even three higher education. Apparently, and this will soon falling by the wayside. Now the most popular and demanded experts are those who are fluent in foreign languages (mainly English), but it is better to more. Or has a diploma, such as receiving education in England. These graduates tend to immediately get key positions in companies.

And it is not only famous name in the English university, but rather in the the fact of education in England. More precisely in its quality. Classical tradition of education in England are known to all. Also know that the system of training in universities is very different from Russian. Something to hide, Russian students are not disciplined, have low motivation for learning, listening to new knowledge, plastered on cramming more material than an independent search and research. Here, wine is not only students, but rather the organization of the learning process. The education system in England, allows you to create well-rounded individual with the skills of active self-image thinking.

Talented students Teachers say even at the stage of selection. On admission to the prestigious British universities for applicants are given a very peculiar and unusual questions. All the rigor of the education system in England is visible already at the stage of documents on university admissions. For example, in the Oxford admission student scores in basic subjects should only be higher, other candidates are not even considered. Every year in the prestigious British journals printed rankings of schools of education which increases the chances for admission to such institutions as Oxford or Cambridge. Thus, education in England – is not only prestige and status, but, above all, long work, nearly the entire period of training, ranging from preparatory schools and to university.

Division of Property

All property acquired by spouses during cohabitation, according to Ukrainian law, is their joint property, so the division of property in both spouses equal shares and rights to them. Often spouses without interference by themselves divide marital property (houses, vehicles, securities, jewelry, cash, etc.) But sometimes, without the aid of the court can not divide the property without unnecessary disputes. And then absolutely does not matter who earned the money to buy a car, or anyone decorations for the house during their life together. All property in any event will be equally divided between former spouses. In addition to the acquired assets under Divorce equally divided off all the debts.

In some cases, the court may depart from the principle of equal shares, for example, when children are living with a spouse. Under the division of property upon divorce does not get the property, which until marriage is the property of one spouse, or was given or received by inheritance during the marriage already. In this regard, it is recommended to keep documentary evidence that it was donated you personally, rather than family. Division of property upon divorce is not subject to wear and shoes of the spouses. Please note that the jewels are not the subject of clothing, therefore, subject to section two. Not subject to section things are bought for meet the needs of minor children (clothing, footwear, school supplies, etc.) All these things are transmitted in its entirety to one spouse, who will continue to live children. To avoid disputes and negative emotions recommend a lawyer. After all, an experienced specialist not just faced and solved similar situations, so know what pitfalls may arise in the division of property upon divorce of the spouses. And he knows how to divide property, so as not to have one of the parties did not raise resentment or anger at her ex-husband. After all, the future spouses still have to communicate among themselves, especially if they have common children.

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